"Absolutely incredible"

- Arts On Stage New York 

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Executive Theatre Director, Arkansas

"Now tonight at Hempstead hall was absolutely incredible!!!!!   The cast was on top of their game.  I did not see any mishaps.    The audience was "in to" the show and it made me so proud.    You know, I have to say this years show was over the top, the BEST yet!
Bravo to the manager, set designer, stage manager, choreographer, dancers, skaters and acrobats.You were all INCREDIBLE!"

Rick Kennedy, Managing Editor

"Peter Pan brought a bigger crowd, a longer performance time, more special effects, some doses of magic, and lots of skill, energy, and original singing to an updated storyline"

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Aaron Brand, Texarcana Gazette

"Imagine a Broadway show meets ice skating and contemporary music".

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Aria Bango, Audience Member NY

" I just saw the production of Peter Pan & Friends On Ice last night in Ogdensburg ,NY. Thank you for the wonderful performance. We throughly enjoyed all of the talent!"

Dr. Paula Rubenstein, NY

"It was quite artistically  elevated compared to  
many theatrical  productions that has graced the stage  over two decades , and surpassed  even one of your previous ice shows performed two years ago.
It was pure artistry as powerful music, glorious singing, innovative ice choreography, and theatrical staging filled the theatre with positive messages, happiness and sheer whimsy. The lighting  and special effects were delightfully creative and visually captivating.
The production value was replete with bubble magic, magical illusions, quick costume changes, levitation, and even some pole dancing. The audience felt captivated and uplifted with the company’s magical journey to
“Neverland.”   Keep spreading the pixie dust as did this joyous performance!!"

About The Show


The Story Behind The Magic

There is nothing quite as thrilling as the tale of Peter Pan- until you add ice! Pack your bags for an adventure to Neverland like never before! The magic begins when you skate to inside the whimsical world of Neverland with Peter and his enchanted companions. But beware- the forces of swashbuckling pirates are just around the corner. Ahoy Mateys ! Accompany Sarge Hook and his motly crew for a piratey voyage of Neverland with big flips, jumps, and tricks sure to keep you on the edge of your sails! 


The Cast

The cast includes some of the highest ranked world professional ice skating champions, internationally recognized cirque & acrobatic acts, as well as broadway level singers.


Touring V. Stationary Shows

Peter Pan & Friends On Ice is not only a touring show but can also be transformed into a stationary show, for any type of venue. Performing Art Centers, Arenas/ Civic Centers, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Special Events, Fairs, Resorts, & more!

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